What Is Adopt-A-Student?

A Chance to Change a Life!

We believe our academy is second to none in providing a high-quality, Christian-based education where students learn to respect themselves and others.  But many families in our community who want a brighter, faith-filled future for their child can’t afford the benefit of a Christian school education.

     Recipients of Adopt-A-Student scholarships have significant financial need. Often, these are hard-working families and grandparents who are legal guardians, trying to provide an education in the tradition and environment of a Christian school.  As a result, we have seen students who were recipients of scholarship awards excel and develop into promising future leaders.

The advantage of a Christ-centered school education, supported through Adopt-A-Student, can mean the difference between a life lost and a future filled with promise.


A Sound Investment

When you invest in the life of a child you are making a life-changing investment.  We choose our students based on need and we also try to choose students that we feel take their education seriously and who are leaders among their peers.  Every dollar that is donated will go towards a student’s educational expense.

Not Charity, but a Chance

Instilling the values of hard work, respect, and reaching their full potential is part of our mission. Adopt-A-Student scholarships are awarded not only on financial need but also on academic merit.  In addition, most families will pay a portion of the overall school fee — creating a true partnership and investment by all.


Make the investment of a lifetime…today!

Live the Gospel and give a deserving student an opportunity through an education in the tradition and environment of New England Baptist Academy. Become an Adopt-A-Student benefactor today! Remember your gift is 100% tax deductible. You can make a one-time donation or make monthly donations towards a student’s education.

Contact the school office today to set up your donation!