Sharon Barnes

When I was 9 years old, a church bus came into my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon and began telling the children about Jesus and inviting them to church. At the time, my family was not attending church and my brother begged my parents to let us go. We began attending faithfully and I started to realize my need for Christ. On a Tuesday night, during an old-fashioned tent revival service (with sawdust spread on the floor), I went forward during the altar call and Mrs. Carol Stewart led me to the Lord. Soon after, my dad began driving the bus each Sunday and our entire family began attending Greater Boston Baptist Church of Canton.

Many years later I attended Hyles-Anderson College with the intention of getting a one-year secretarial certificate. In October of my freshman year, the Holy Spirit got a hold of my heart and I yielded to God’s calling to change my major to a four-year Bachelor’s degree with a major in elementary education.

In October 2001, our family began attending New England Baptist Church and I soon found out that there was an opening for a 4th grade teacher for the following school year. Throughout the years between graduating college and coming to New England Baptist Church, I had worked as both a teacher and also in the administrative business field. I knew I needed to leave my administrative job and return to doing what God had originally called me to do. I interviewed with Pastor Coppola in March of 2002 and accepted the position of 4th grade teacher at New England Baptist Academy.

I count it a privilege to be here and constantly thank God for allowing me to serve Him daily by ministering to the students and families of New England Baptist Academy.

Mrs. Sharon Barnes


  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Hyles Anderson College with a major in Elementary Education
  • 12 years at NEBA (4 years teaching/7 years office/3rd as principal)
  • Taught K-4 for 1 year in Indiana